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Mint Frequently Asked Questions

What are Mint query commands?

Mint query commands are an unobtrusive way to expose inessential functions and debug info. To use, simply add the following to the end of your Mint url:

  • ?errors sets PHP’s error reporting to its highest level.
  • ?benchmark outputs a table of Mint processes and the time it took to complete them (does not include pane rendering time when “Stagger pane loading” is enabled).
  • ?observe outputs a formatted version of the Mint object with all sensitive information blacked-out.
  • ?live-debug toggles the MintLiveDebug cookie (when live debugging every page acts as if #Mint:Debug appears in the url). Revisit to disable.
  • ?ignore sets the “Ignore my visits” cookie—without requiring login.
  • ?visits allows direct editing of aggregate total and unique visits.
  • ?moved helps Mint regain its bearings after moving its folder to another location on the same or a new server.
  • ?import offers a convenient way for expert users to import aggregate total and unique visits from another Mint installation.
  • ?gateway tests Mint’s ability to communicate with haveamint.com (necessary for activation and keeping abreast of available updates).
  • ?uptodate redirects to the Peppermill uptodate page which will tell you if your copy of Mint or any currently installed Pepper have updates available.
  • ?preferences&advanced reveals database info and other infrequently modified, occasionally difficult to understand, and often mis-configured preferences (including ignoring static IP addresses).
  • ?recover attempts to salvage Pepper data that was previously considered beyond repair (new in Mint 2.16)

There is one additional command that uses an anchor hash instead of a query string and can be added to any page of your site that Mint is currently tracking (rather than to Mint itself):

  • #Mint:Debug opens a new window for Mint’s record action with output from the above ?errors, ?benchmark and ?observe query commands. You’ll need to disable pop-up blocking for your domain (if enabled).

Hey there, I have officially suspended sales and support of Mint. The Create Account, Add License, Transfer License, and Contact forms have been disabled. Existing customers may continue to login and download Mint.

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