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Mint results vs G. Analytic

Posted on Oct 10, '07 at 11:14 am

hi all !

I’ve got a question about the stats of mint VS google analytic…

I really don’t have the same results, last week for example mint told me 18,125 vistors unique and 42,524 totals…

And with google analytic 13942 vistors unique and 29,803 totals…

I don’t know which one I should trust ? ;-)

PS: Sorry If tI’m off topic

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Oct 10, '07 at 11:55 am

Numbers will be different between two different tracking packages for any number of reasons—including (but not limited to): different tracking techniques, different definitions of terms like hits and unique and what counts as a page, different timeframes (Analytics is on a delay where as Mint is real-time). No two stats packages will ever consistently show the same exact numbers because of these differences.

Posted on Oct 11, '07 at 03:17 am

Thanks you for your reponse Shaun !

Posted on Oct 12, '07 at 09:00 am

In an earlier thread I pointed out the same thing. What I eventually realized was that many of my old pages didn’t use my main template, which included the Google javascript. Mint, on the other hand, was automatically inserted into every viewed page using the prepend script provided in the Mint install.

Shaun suggested adding the Google javascript to the Mint script — and the immediate result was that my Google and Mint numbers became very close for several months. Search this forum for my posts, or for Google Analytics, to find the instructions.

Unfortunately, since a recent server crash and subsequent changes made by my ISP to my server, Google is now much higher. We still haven’t determined what’s causing that…

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