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Account Center links to contribute to Peppermill

In the Account Center home: haveamint.com/account

there’s some text that says:

Did you know that you can create and share your own Pepper and Mint-related programs in the Peppermill?

‘Peppermill’ is linked to: haveamint.com/peppermill/contribute

You might want to take off /contribute/ as not everyone’s a Pepper developer (well, I’m not), and if you click the link, you get an error about how you’re not allowed to access the requested resource. You’re then linked to the home page.

Just figured I’d mention it, as it confused me for a second. :)

Sam Brown
Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Jan 31, '07 at 01:00 pm

I’ve noticed that message also. However, the link shouldn’t be removed. Say I do create a Pepper I can no longer contribute because the link was removed.

Teething problems re: the access error I think. But the link should always be there.

Ah, just read it again. You’re right, Sam. Maybe the linked text should be “share” instead of “Peppermill”?

I don’t see the same “contribute” link in the Peppermill, maybe that’s a good place for it. I’d look for it in the “Third-party Pepper” section, or an extra link on the left.

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Jan 31, '07 at 03:29 pm

Sam is correct on both counts. Every- and anyone is invited to take a stab at creating a Pepper. The access denied error is definitely teething problems. I’m working 18 hour days trying to stay on top of PayPal issues, support, bug-smashing (in Mint and the Site). Something was bound to give. :)

No worries. I think you’ve done (and are doing) a stupendous job!

Thanks, Shaun. :)

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