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List of Google Images Domains

Posted on Dec 03, '07 at 11:08 am

I think I posted this before, but I couldn’t find it when searching today. Anyway, if your newest referrer pane is full of links from google images, add the following to your ignore list:

images.googel.fi images.google.ae images.google.am images.google.ba images.google.bg images.google.lv images.google.bi images.google.bs images.google.ca images.google.ch images.google.ci images.google.co.id images.google.co.il images.google.co.im images.google.co.in images.google.co.jp images.google.co.ke images.google.co.ma images.google.co.th images.google.co.uk images.google.co.uz images.google.co.ve images.google.co.vi images.google.co.za images.google.co.zm images.google.com images.google.com.ag images.google.com.au images.google.com.bd images.google.com.bz images.google.com.co images.google.com.cu images.google.com.ec images.google.com.eg images.google.com.et images.google.com.hk images.google.com.ly images.google.com.mt images.google.com.mx images.google.com.ni images.google.com.np images.google.com.om images.google.com.ph images.google.com.py images.google.com.qa images.google.com.sa images.google.com.sb images.google.com.tj images.google.com.uz images.google.cz images.google.de images.google.dj images.google.es images.google.fr images.google.gg images.google.gl images.google.gr images.google.hn images.google.hr images.google.ht images.google.hu images.google.is images.google.it images.google.jo images.google.kg images.google.lk images.google.lu images.google.md images.google.ms images.google.mu images.google.nl images.google.no images.google.nr images.google.off.ai images.google.org images.google.pt images.google.ru images.google.rw images.google.sc images.google.se images.google.sh images.google.si images.google.sm images.google.sn images.google.tm images.google.to images.google.tp images.google.tt images.google.vu

Posted on Dec 05, '07 at 07:01 pm

I came on here looking for the same thing…

I’ve just added that list to the exclusion box and it’s still listing nothing but Google. Shame there isn’t a fix. It’s made my unique referrers pane pretty pointless.

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Dec 06, '07 at 10:47 am

Adding these domains will not affect previously recorded data, but should prevent subsequent tracking of these domains.

Posted on Jun 24, '08 at 06:33 pm

Anyone have a similar list of mail provider domains?

ie: uk.mc267.mail.yahoo.com us.mc519.mail.yahoo.com jp.f37.mail.yahoo.co.jp us.mc540.mail.yahoo.com us.mc566.mail.yahoo.com us.mc331.mail.yahoo.com webmail.nc.rr.com mailcenter3.comcast.net us.f822.mail.yahoo.com us.mc514.mail.yahoo.com webmail.xipline.com

My referrers are mostly email.

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