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User Agent Updates

I would like to see additional agents added. Mainly I want to know how many mobile users I get and the breakdowns. Nokia E95 would be great to know, though just Nokia and Nokia Browser would be ideal as well. Is this possible to be incorporated into User Agent, or should an additional Pepper just for tracking mobile devices? So I know how many iPod/iPhones I get, Blackberries, which browsers they use (Opera Mini or the default one), etc.


yes, i second this. is there a way to see in mint when i do get a hit from an iphone or other mobile device?

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Jul 08, '08 at 08:15 am

There are no immediate plans to add this to User Agent 007. I admittedly don’t know enough about mobile browsers (outside of MobileSafari’s) support for JavaScript (which is required by Mint in order to track anything). That’s not to say that some clever third-party developer couldn’t whip something up.

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