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WP-Admin Mint style?

I just wondered if anyone knew of a plugin that stylised the WP-Admin similar to that of Mint? I like the look and feel of Mint, and would like to have all my “Admin” areas feel integrated. Just thought I would float the question.

I didn’t know you can change the look of WP-Admin… I guess you could change the CSS file, no?

I agree, Mint looks a lot better than the default WP-Admin

@Nebagakid: yea you can, there are various skins/themes out there like a Mac OS X/Tiger, autumn and others. I think there’s a little to it than simply editing a CSS file, but I make that assumption only because there are so few admin themes out there.

Thanks, dcharti, (do you know of any place that has a listing of admin themes like they do for regular themes?) I tried yesterday to to make one, based on the Mint panel and haveamint.com (Shaun, I apologize for copying your styles)

You can get the css file I did. It should work for the most part, except on the upload iFrame on the post page (and some of the other stuff on the write/edit page aren’t as nice)

Mr Papa
Posted on Feb 12, '07 at 10:33 am

here’s a couple of popular ones nebagakid… yellowswordfish.com ceprix.net/archives/spotmilk-admin-theme-for-wordpress

i dont know of a place with listing of all available…

Posted on Feb 14, '07 at 04:50 am

The Wordpress site has somewhat of a list: http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Themes … min_Themes

I use the Tiger theme, currently. Some of those links seem to be broken, now that I look at it. :(

However, I did find this: http://rudd-o.com/projects/wp-admin-themer

Which allows you to modify the CSS. May make it more “minty” looking. :D

I would use those themes, but I found a drop-down admin plugin that turns all the major WP nav links into - you guessed it - drop down menus, making navigation far more efficient. I really hope they integrate something similar soon.

Getting even farther off topic, it would be great to see a drop-down functionality built into WordPress’s live site navigation as well. It’s obviously becoming a CMS, which means people are only going to continue using it for larger and larger sites. We need some drop-down goodness if WP is going to scale along with user’s needs.

Mr Papa
Posted on Feb 14, '07 at 09:35 pm

the spotmilk theme supports that too… get the spotmilk from the link above and then the dropdown from the yellowswordfish site…

dcharti…check out my wp theme test site… http://test.klasen.us

dropdowns in live site… its css with some js…

I use the Spotmilk plugins (both of them) and ended up just editing the CSS to my likings since I prefer smaller fonts (especially since my dashboard has a lot of main links on them.)

If you want your admin to look like mint, it’s a matter of trying out some of the links people listed here, and just editing the CSS to your specs :)

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