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Posted on Feb 28, '08 at 05:54 pm

Well i can happily say that Mint works super with (MT) DV Package!

On the (GS) it was sluggish and was adding the most load on page requests (as tested with Pingdom)

But with the (DV) it runs super fast and no page request load from mint now…

Anybody else have a good result from (DV) package?

Sam Brown
Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 29, '08 at 04:35 am

I’m getting good results here on the GS, to be honest.

Posted on Feb 29, '08 at 05:31 am

It wasn’t a pain on the GS but speed loading times have improved with the (dv).

But compared together the whole loading time from Mint has been reduced so much that it is the same as page load time, whereas on the GS it took much longer.

If you get me?

Posted on Jun 02, '08 at 02:23 pm

Despite that on the GS platform it seems to slow the loading of a typical PHP WordPress index page, I wouldn’t say that the amount it takes is unbearable.

Admittedly I’m not someone who spends their time optimising their site, and given the fact that my connection peaks at around 10Mbps, I pick up speed differences (normal and abnormal).

Taking into account the page loading time at present, given the speed of other pages I have seen served up onto the internet, I am perfectly happy.

Hooray for mint!

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