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awesome mint firefox addon

Posted on Apr 19, '08 at 05:59 pm


I recently paid someone to create a firefox addon that will just be a small mint icon(I hope it’s ok if I used the mint favicon) . when you visit a site with mint, that has open mode enabled, then the icon will be green. If the /mint/ dir cannot be found, or the string “open” can’t be found on the /mint/index.php page, then the icon will be 40% transparent, and red. It will be open source, and free, unless Shaun wants it.

I talked to the dev, and he said it will be ready by next week.


Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Apr 25, '08 at 03:01 pm

Interesting. I’m cool with open source.

Rather than checking for /mint/ you might want to check for ?js. Mint can be run from a subdomain or from a different folder. And it might be better to query ?preferences for “open” (that way you’re guaranteed to get the login screen instead of the actual stats which will be smaller and quicker to load—especially if an open Mint has Stagger pane loading disabled).

Posted on Apr 26, '08 at 05:04 pm

Thanks for the suggestions. He says it’s almost done.

Neat idea. Now would this add on be looking in the domain you’re in or looking in the base domain?

I know my terminology is lacking, but if someone has a blog at blog.example.com will the addon look for mint to be installed in example.com and not blog.example.com or both?

Posted on May 13, '08 at 01:45 am

terrian: probably you read Shaun’s post and the one after - i guess the addon will check for the js-code instead of the url only.

What has happened with this? I’m interested in getting it. Feel free to email me also with how much you paid. I’ll send you a bit for the development costs. :)

Posted on Aug 19, '08 at 08:23 pm


sorry for not responding in between the time I made this post and the time I was going to post the finished version, someone emailed me wanting to buy it with full right so I gave it to them…. I guess I can work on another

stay tuned

Sam Parkinson
Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Aug 27, '08 at 06:42 pm

Dam, was reading the first few posts and was looking foward to that but oh well, I’d have done the same I think.

Posted on Sep 09, '08 at 09:59 am

Is (was) this anything like Firemint? http://84degrees.com/firemint

I never tried it since the page states “firemint v2b1 is still lacking stats and features” which seemed odd…

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