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more than 1.000.000 page views per month and no problem with Mint

Posted on Apr 25, '08 at 02:22 pm

Two weeks ago I installed Mint on my site which gets more than 1.000.000 page views per month - teleman.pl. I was looking for stats software which will give me SQL access to raw hit records because I want to make advanced reporting dedicated to my needs.

I was afraid how Mint will work with this traffic level. I was especially worried when saw that PHP serialized data is read from db, updated and write again with every single hit (mint__config). I set mysql table type to InnoDB because I don’t trust MyISAM. I have also created trigger which is fired when record is deleted from mint_visit and it creates copy of this deleted record in other table - mint_visit_arch, so I will store the full history of visits in this table. Max size of mint_visit table is set to 255MB (in Mint settings).

For my reporting needs I also created small Pepper which stamp all visitors with unique cookie and store this cookie data in mint_visist so I can track visitor’s clicktreams and identify returning visits (it’s similiar to Secret Crush Pepper but without any visible pane).

Anyway everything works great till now and I am very happy with Mint stats and SQL access to raw records.

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Apr 25, '08 at 02:57 pm

I strongly recommend against setting your max db size to 255MB. Mint simply isn’t designed for processing that amount of information in real-time. It can record hits as fast as you can serve them but even at 100 MB you’re just asking for long load times and grueling queries when viewing your stats.

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