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What are the chances of this happening...

Posted on Dec 03, '08 at 09:53 am

On Monday of this week my cooking site’s total visits were 23,676 and unique visits were 14,092. On Tuesday the total visits were 24,284 and the unique visits were 14,092!

I first thought there was a problem with Mint but I had saved a screenshot of Monday’s hourly visits and immediately took a screenshot of Tuesday’s and each hourly total was completely different. But at the end of each 24 hour period the total for uniques was EXACTLY THE SAME.

I could imagine the same five digit number coming up again over a long period of time but two days in a row?

Normal traffic to this cooking site averages about 12,000 uniques per day over the year and during holidays (like Thanksgiving) the site spikes as high as 50,000 uniques per day (like it did last week, precipitating two brief server crashes).

Has anyone else experienced identical numbers like these?

Sam Brown
Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Dec 08, '08 at 03:58 pm

Yes, on many occasions but I have, until now, considered all of them to be chance.

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Dec 09, '08 at 09:44 am

I wouldn’t take this as anything more than coincidence. The ratio of uniques/totals for the two days is different (14092/23676 and 14092/24284). I’m sure there are days when the ratio is the same even though the final numbers are unique. It doesn’t bother you because you can’t “see” the similarity. If your uniques were the same and higher than your total then we’d have something to talk about.

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