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Unique Visits & Feed Readers

I apologize if this topic is handled specifically in any FAQ or other thread, i searched and could not find it.

Let’s say a publisher wants to know how many readers you get to your blog, so they can decide if your platform is big enough to take a chance on your book.

From what I’ve heard, they typically ask for “Uniques Per Month”. Thankfully, Mint generates this exact statistic. I can go to Mint and come back to them and say “Over the last 6 months I’ve averaged 5,000 Uniques Per Month” or whatever the number is.

Let’s say over the past 6 months Feedburner has shown me that around 200 people are subscribed to my blog.

My question is, is there any overlap with these two numbers?

When a feedreader grabs the feed from my blog, does this count as a unique in Mint? I’m assuming it doesn’t but i havent found it explicitly said.

If not, then it would seem to me that you’d want to go back to the publisher and say “I have 5000 uniques per month, and in addition, 200 people who are subscribed to the blog and probably read it daily”

any info/insight would be appreciated.

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Dec 08, '08 at 11:41 am

Feeds are not included in Mints Visits tab but there is going to be some overlap between that 5k uniques and 200 subscribers (as each subscriber clicking through is a unique monthly visitor at least once a month).

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