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unique visitor contest, are you hard core?

so i’m trying to understand the limits of mint.

i’m running mint on a new client’s website that has had its traffic increase 1500% over the last three months. i’m hoping that i can use mint for a long time on the client’s server simply because the client likes using it so much.

the question is, who here is using mint that has the largest amount of unique visitors and page views? anyone care to share?

Sam Brown
Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 15, '09 at 06:35 am

I was successfully running (thin) Mint on a site with 45,000 unique visitors and 200,000+ page views per day. It will ultimately depend on your server hardware however.

Posted on May 02, '09 at 11:57 am

I have 150,000+ hits daily. I use InnoDB storage and record locking using the following db.php:

class MyMint extends Mint {

    function _makeConnection() {
        $connected = parent::_makeConnection();
        if ($connected) {
            $this->query('SET AUTOCOMMIT=0');
        return $connected;

    function _tidySave() {

    function query($query) {
        // use SELECT FOR UPDATE for locking mint__config table
        if (preg_match('/_config.*LIMIT 0,1$/', $query)) {
            $query .= ' FOR UPDATE';
        return parent::query($query);

$Mint = new MyMint (array ...

I have made some stress testing and it can hold ~600 hits per second on the semi-dedicated (2GB RAM) server (only sky is the limit ;)

On sites with >200k pageviews, >30-80k uniques a day I’ve found the only problem to be the config table. This was a year or so ago, so maybe it’s already been done. You should make sure that the config table uses blob columns, NOT text. After that you should be good to go

Those are very nice traffic numbers congrats to tea

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