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My Review

I’d like to say that I think Mint is hugely over priced.

  1. The statistics is javascript based. Javascript based website statistics software is notoriously inaccurate and is unable to log downloads of non-HTML pages. Since you install the software on your own server I was expecting it to use the access logs, which is much more accurate.

  2. The range of statistics is very limited. No country, browser, OS. Only the basic visits and referrers.

  3. Support is discouraged. You may not want to offer free support, which is fine, but it’s not a good idea to say answering questions makes you grumpy. For the price of the software I’d at least expect a decent amount of support though, whether it’s already answered on the website or not.

I hope Mint is a work in progress as I really like the UI. Google analytics has just as good UI, but has lots of other features. If Mint supported access logs I’m sure people would ditch Google for it.

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Dec 03, '10 at 01:34 pm

Let me address your most important criticism first:

Support requests are not discouraged. You gave me money, if you have a problem with Mint I want to know about it and help you fix it. Support submitted through the contact form is responded to within one or two business days (it’s just me though so I do fall behind from time to time). All licensed users are entitled to support via the contact form. If you have a problem with the way I handled a specific support request follow up with an email.

Secondly, the range of statistics is not limited. One of Mint’s guiding principles is simple but extensible. Check the Peppermill for plugins that expand Mint’s functionality. User Agent 007 provides browser and OS info. The two Locations Pepper provide varying levels of location info. And those are just the things you’ve mentioned. Mint also provides a robust plugin API for writing your own Pepper to track any additional or custom information that there isn’t already a Pepper for.

Finally, Mint uses JavaScript to distinguish between bots (spam, search and otherwise) and real users. Access log-based tracking requires actively maintained referrer spam blacklists to be useful on even a moderately popular site (something as both a user and developer I don’t want to have to worry about). JavaScript is able to catch the vast majority of legitimate visitors. This is mentioned on the Requirements page so you can make a decision before purchasing.

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