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Mint issues no longer being addressed?

I’ve been using Mint for over five years now and have always found it, on balance to be the best stats solution available. I’ve occasionally had issues with it, mainly when I updated Mint and/or one of these components, but these have, on the whole, been responsibly addressed by the developer of Mint itself or those of its various Pepper add-ons.

A few days ago, Mint stopped tracking visits altogether, for no apparent reason. I was still running Mint 2.18 and some of my Pepper was out of date, so I figured updating would maybe fix the issue, but it didn’t.

I sent a contact form support request to the developer but no reply has been received as of writing this post.

Testing my Mint install eventually seemed to establish that the scripts were running fine, on two different setups (one for mobile, one for desktop browsers), but that there might be issues with my Mint database that resulted in Mint no longer being able to write to it.

I tried repairing the database, to no avail.

Eventually, after saving backups of my five-year old records, I uninstalled and reinstalled Mint with a new database and just the ‘official’ Pepper installed.

Mint was now working again, albeit with past records seemingly no longer usable (importing the data from my previous database would break the fresh install again).

I then reinstalled the third-party Pepper I had been using, one by one, and eventually found that Till Krüss’s Locations+ Pepper would cause Mint to stop tracking once installed. Firebug records a 500 error when running the Mint script on the Locations+ records in the database (bizarrely, though, that error didn’t show up during testing when Mint broke a few days ago), but uninstalling Locations+ solves both issues (i.e., Mint starts tracking again and the 500 error stops).

I tried replacing Locations+ with the less powerful Locations, but bizarrely, when one tries to do this, Locations doesn’t show up in the ‘Install’ menu in Preferences.

Searches on this forum came up with a host of people with similar issues relating to tracking and/or Locations/Locations+, and no answer has been forthcoming, in some cases for several months. The issue may be related to the latest version of the Locations+ database.dat file, but setting the permissions for this file to 755 or even 777 didn’t solve it.

So it would seem basically that the current situation is this: you can install and get Mint tracking your stats for $30 per site (that’s $60 for me as I’m tracking two) but you can’t track locations unless you’re lucky enough to have an old install that hasn’t run into issues and you don’t make the mistake of upgrading it.

Whilst I do think Mint, which runs on your own server, is flexible, elegantly designed, uses no flash and operates in real time, is the best stats solution available, if the issues I describe above continue—and they seem to have affected several people for months—it basically means that you cannot track the location of your visitors anymore unless you’re willing to develop a solution for doing so yourself using the API: I think that would be acceptable if Mint were free software; for $30 I think it isn’t.

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Mar 28, '11 at 09:35 am

Third-party developers are responsible for supporting third-party Pepper (like Locations). I can only support Mint and the official first-party Pepper. The delay in my reply to your specific Contact form email was due to the weekend. I’m just one guy with an ever increasing number of projects and I do need a break from time to time. The Mint Forum is (and has always largely been) community supported.

@Shaun: Thanks very much for the response, and also for your detailed reply to my email support request.

Given the lack of response from the only third-party location pepper, perhaps the time has come to develop an ‘official’ Locations pepper? Just a suggestion, as location is a pretty fundamental component to any stats package: I doubt many users would not want to have it installed: not being able to use it anymore is a bit unfortunate, really.

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