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Mint and CNAMEs and Photoshelter

Posted on Aug 13, '11 at 07:24 am


Posted something similar to this in Trubleshooting, I realise now it belongs here.

I have a photography portfolio site (let’s call it myname.co.uk). I have Mint running on that site at myname.co.uk/mint. I love Mint, by the way.

I’m now using Photoshelter to provide my sales & clients services. The URL is myname.photoshelter.com. I use the CNAME function with Photoshelter so that I can use the archive.myname.co.uk link in my portfolio site and that will redirect to the myname.photoshelter.com address.

If a visitor comes to Photoshelter from an ‘archive.myname’ link then most of the links they visit will start with that (retaining my branding), whereas if they go via myname.photoshelter.com all the pages they visit start with that.

I read in another post that that causes the same page to show up as two different pages, but I could live with that if Mint was working with the Photoshelter site because I am not a fan of Google Analytics.

My question is, is it possible to get Mint running on a set up like this?

And if so, how? I fully appreciate a new license would be required but if it will work I would snap it up.

Many thanks!

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