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Hits from the Philippines

I’m getting a lot of hits from the Philippines ~10% of my traffic.

Is there a good way to distinguish between actually human hits and others. I know there is the “web crawlers” indicator, but another time I got a flash of 100 hits in an hour from one region. It just seems unlikely.

Anyone else get a lot of hits from the philippines?

None from the Philippines, but I occasionally get random visits of 4 or 5 pages from faraway countries. Sometimes I can correlate the times with the times of corresponding search term traffic, and extrapolate what I assume to be human traffic (vs. bots).

On a somewhat related note, I’m curious about what it means when the Locations+ Pepper (my favorite) returns “United States” (without a state/city). Does anyone know what this means? Why would an IP address mask this info?

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