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Mint Ruby on Rails plugin


This plugin will enable Mint (http://www.haveamint.com) support in your application. By Tomislav Filipcic (tomislav@filipcic.com). Based on code by Graeme Mathieson.

By default it will output the mint code as if mint is installed in /mint . This can be changed by adding the following code to your ‘config/environment.rb’.

MintyRails::Mint.mint_path = '/someotherpath'

Also, by default, it is enabled for the production environment only. To change this add the following code to your ‘config/enviroment.rb’

MintyRails::Mint.environments = 'development'

If you want to disable the code insertion for particular pages, add the following to the controller that don’t want it:

skip_after_filter :add_mint_code

To disable it only for some actions add the following code:

skip_after_filter :add_mint_code, :only => [ 'login', 'authorize' ]


skip_after_filter :add_mint_code, :except => [ 'success' ]


ruby ./script/plugin install http://mahune.org/projects/minty_rails

or browse it at http://mahune.org/projects/minty_rails

I wrote a Rails plugin that gives you access to the Mint database table, provides a simple way to reuse Mint data in other apps, and makes it easy to insert data from other sources.

Maybe we could join forces?

Source: http://topfunky.net/svn/plugins/mint

See also: http://nubyonrails.com/articles/2006/02 … l-for-mint http://nubyonrails.com/articles/2007/01 … rest-of-us

And a Pepper that can report on Rails performance data: http://topfunky.net/svn/plugins/php/min … s_analyzer

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