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Big Total Pepper released

Sam Parkinson
Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 22, '08 at 05:18 pm

I am pleased to announce that my big total pepper is finished.

It cleanly displays in very nice numbers your total visits and total unique visits.

Big Total Pepper

You can download it here for now, I will try and get it up on the peppermill soon.

Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 24, '08 at 10:17 pm

It hangs my prefs before I can get to installing it. Is this working for anyone else?

Sam Parkinson
Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 25, '08 at 09:09 am

humm, I’ll have a look at the code tonight. So far its only been tested on mint 2.15.

Sam Parkinson
Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 25, '08 at 12:17 pm

Gone through the code but couldn’t see anything obvious, then again I know very little php.

I also reinstalled mine with a fresh download from haveamint.

Tried with a few more peppers installed first before second reinstall, no problems.

Works fine with:

  • Default
  • Feedburner
  • Durations
  • Backup/Restore
  • Doorbell
  • iPhone
  • User Agent 007
  • Crawlers
  • Refresh
  • Outbound
  • Downloads
  • Visit Diff

Sorry I don’t have an answer, but my guess is it doesn’t go well with another pepper.

Sam Parkinson
Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 25, '08 at 12:31 pm

Reading your blog, you use Mint 1 so I guess its compatibility.

I hadn’t really planned to making it work with anything lower than v2.

I’m sure it would be simple enough to make one for v1 though.

Posted on Feb 28, '08 at 09:42 am

See my post “Preferences partially munged” in Troubleshooting.

I uploaded Big Total into my pepper directory but didn’t install it. I had some unrelated problems with another pepper that I fixed (see post) but my Prefs pane still wouldn’t load completely. Tried various fixes. None worked. Shaun pointed out that the Prefs not loading problem is usually caused by a pepper so I deleted the Big Total pepper (the newest pepper in my Peppers directory) and my Prefs pane finally returned.

Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Mar 02, '08 at 09:54 am

I’m using Mint v2 with these Peppers…

Blog Comments
Local Searches
User Agents
User Agent Pies
Referrer Rollup
Outbound Links
QuickTime Check
Geo Mint
Trends Internal
Trends External
Error Tracker
Referrer Aggregator
Real Estate
Visits Diff
Attention Span

all of which works until I try to install Big Total. I gave the code a quick look and did not see anything obvious for it. Comparing it to the Defaults pepper that you say it was modeled on, everything looked cool.

Sam Parkinson
Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Mar 24, '08 at 07:57 pm

I really don’t have any time to fix this bug atm, but as soon as I can i’ll release a new version.

I assume it works for most people and am guessing it’s an issue with one of those peppers you’ve listed above.

Feel free to mess about with the code.

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