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Posted on Feb 02, '07 at 09:14 am

How has the widget changed for V2. i am trying to update the Yahoo widget but cannot seem to work out how the login function has changed. No error messages, just cannot find Mint.

Anyone any suggestion? heres the v1 code:-

function fetchMyMint() { with ( mintFetcher ) { location = preferences.mintURL.value; postData = “widget=true&mode=auth&action=Login&email=” + escape(preferences.email.value) + “&password=” + escape(preferences.password.value) + “&” + (new Date).getTime(); } mintFetcher.fetchAsync( processMint ); }

Chris Boulton
Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 02, '07 at 09:25 am

I’m fairly sure that is correct.

What has changed is the response Mint returns.

You need to check for “<!— Mint 2 Request Received —>” in the returned data.

Mint v1 used to return “”<!— Mint Request Received —>”.

Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 02, '07 at 03:59 pm

I had already changed it, but now it gets frozen on “Talking to Mint”

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 02, '07 at 04:44 pm

The HTML returned by widget calls is different as well now. I am unfamiliar with the Yahoo widget but perhaps that is causing the hang.

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