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Durations Pepper will be free

Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Jul 15, '09 at 08:51 pm

hey guys and the few girls,

I’ve just decided to remove the license from my Durations Pepper which calculates some stats with the visitors duration of time stayed on you site.

I feel like that because I’ve made this free of charge and rub-free Vipassana Meditation and it changed my whole life. Just try it and give it a fair change. It is no sect, no religion, free, worldwide — its just a wonderful lifestyle for the everyday life and you’re sooo fucking satisfied all the time. I’m not into this stuff, but this one is really awesome.

It is based on Donations, you can give them (if you want) money later.
Just like me ; ) If you like my Pepper you can donate via PayPal while enjoying the Durations Pepper.

I’ll rewrite the Pepper in a few days. Just watch the Peppermill Feed, my Pepper Feed, with Shaun’s Fever or subscribe to my spam-free mailing list.

Awwww great, advertising done ; )

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