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Directories pepper only shows cumulated hits


after playing with the perfect set of peppers for our needs, we had uninstalled and reinstalled the directories pepper.

After that it only shows the cumulated hits in total and doesn’t break down the stats in directories anymore…

So the only directory shown is / If expanding that I get all results in one row.

What is going wrong here?


Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Jan 29, '10 at 10:17 am

Without specific data as an example I would have to guess this is the result of uninstalling the Pepper. Most Pepper track additional data for their queries. When you uninstall a Pepper it’s data is lost. Reinstalling it doesn’t magically bring it back so there is no data for the hits that occured before reinstalling (even if data was collected before uninstalling).

If this is the case, hits since reinstalling will have the data necessary to perform the queries and the old data will eventually expire.

Hello Shaun,

thanks for your answer. Didn’t change to date, so we reinstalled from scratch. Works now as desired.


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