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Yearly Stats for visits and visits diff peper

Is there any way mint can store a total number of hits / unique visitors for a year and put it into a db entry. Then display them in visits / visits diff or a new pepper? I would love to compare how the website is progressing over the years. It does not seem like this would be a huge hit to the performance of mint.

If this is possible, any hints on how to do this? Would you use kron? If you could provide links to api docs, that would be great. Thanks, Dave

Any ideas on this pepper. Is it possible?

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Apr 16, '10 at 06:42 pm

You would need to manually modify the Default and Visits Diff Pepper (obviously not recommended) or duplicate their functionality with a non-redistributable fork. It’s stated elsewhere on the site but it bears repeating: Mint is a fresh look at your site. The core application and official Pepper will likely never store data longer than a year.

That said, both Pepper should be documented well enough to fork and expand.

thank you

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