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Lessn pepper does not show any data

My lessn instalation works fine here: http://maz.as/-

I also installed Lessn Pepper successfully, it shows up in my mint installation here: http://mint.kitizaidimai.lt.

I am on shared hosting.

But there is no data in lessn pepper. I read what others have written at this forum about similar problem here: haveamint.com/forum/troubleshooting/207 … post_10119

And I tried different ways to show path to my mint instalation. My hosting company says I have to show full path like this: /home/xxxx/domains/kitizaidimai.lt/public_html/mint

I tried these combinations, none worked:

define('MINT_ROOT', $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'home/xxxx/domains/kitizaidimai.lt/public_html/mint/');

define('MINT_ROOT', $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/domains/kitizaidimai.lt/public_html/mint/');

define('MINT_ROOT', 'home/xxxx/domains/kitizaidimai.lt/public_html/mint/');

define('MINT_ROOT', '/domains/kitizaidimai.lt/public_html/mint/');
Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Mar 22, '10 at 12:13 pm

Did you try this (with the leading slash)?

define('MINT_ROOT', '/home/xxxx/domains/kitizaidimai.lt/public_html/mint/');

That worked for me thanks Shaun!

Also on this matter, my data is appearing as…

Hits Url/Referrers Referrers 37 ?p=1583 1 2 ?p=795 1 1 ?p=279 0 1 ?p=1329 0 1 ?p=697 0 1 ?p=1093

as I am using WordPress, is there anyway to make this display something more relevant like the full URL instead of the post id like it is now.

Just wondered that’s all as I am having to click on each link to see which post it is.

Cheers Stu

Okay that data didnt display corrently…

Hits 37 Url/Referrers ?p=1583 Referrers 1

this kind of thing is what I am getting

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