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Location+ suddenly causing Mint to stop tracking? Why?

Posted on Mar 19, '10 at 08:37 am

Yesterday, for some unknown reasons, Mint stopped tracking incoming traffics on my site. The culprit turned out to be Location+. I tried upgrading from v1.12 to v1.13, but this did not fix the problem. Uninstalling Locations+ immediately fixed the problem.

What is so strange here is that NEITHER I nor my Hosting Service changed ANY configuration of the server or Mint. Hours before, Location+ was working fine, then it abruptly stopped.

Till and other users:

Is there a TIMER like function built in Location+ that can cause this failure? I don’t suspect that it is related to the switching to daylight saving.

Is there a “time trial” like function built in Locations+ that can cause this failure?

For those that experience a similar problem.

  1. Made sure the latest database.dat update had the correct permissions 644 (/mint/pepper/tillkruess/locationsplus)

  2. Changed Secret Crush to identify visitors by IP Address only.

  3. Checked it out and Locations+ seemed to work after that.

  4. I changed Secret Crush back to identifying visitors by Name, Hostname and IP Address and it continued to work.

I really don’t know why, but this worked for me and I hope it helps someone else out.

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