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Trends Feedback

Ronald Heft
Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Jan 29, '07 at 09:15 pm

I’m looking for some feedback for the next version of Trends. What do you currently like about Trends? What do you dislike? Do you find the Best and Worst tabs useful? What new features in Mint 2.0 would you like to see in the next version of Trends?

Posted on Jan 29, '07 at 09:29 pm

hi, cavemonkey,

first of all, congrats on this great pepper!

one feature request i have is the option to choose to enable only one (either internal or external) trend pane.

a second feature request is for the external trends pane, i like to have an option for quick view to display multiple time points, rather than only one time point set in the preference.

looking forward to seeing the new version of your great pepper!

Ronald Heft
Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Jan 29, '07 at 09:33 pm

Thanks for the feedback JCFP. Regarding the disabling of the internal and external pane, Mint handles that natively. Just go to your preferences and drag the pane you don’t want below the disabled line.

As far as quick view time points, feature request noted. I’m planning on doing something with the new time points feature, so we’ll see how I can work that in.

For the “best” and “worst” tabs I actually think it’d be better if they were for all time. I like comparing how my pages are performing for today against the last week but find that’s only the “popular” tab. for the others I’d like it to be forever.

Hope that makes sense.

Ronald Heft
Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Jan 30, '07 at 11:32 am

It makes sense, but what would be use to compare against? If we’re comparing forever, we’re also comparing against forever, meaning ever page would be the same, a 1. Besides, if you want to look at how many hits your pages have received for all time, doesn’t the Pages pane handle that?

:lol: your right it does. I have it disabled cos i didn’t use it.

Well can you ignore my suggestion if you wish then ;-)

Ronald Heft
Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 04, '07 at 12:47 am

Keep the ideas coming if you have any.

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