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Growl Pepper Plugin for Mint

Posted on Apr 26, '07 at 11:00 pm

A developer at my company just wrote a Growl Pepper that will send website notifications to Growl on your Mac. It’s very nifty — you can receive a notification every time someone hits your site or you can filter it based on new users and/or new referrals. The code is open source and is available on Google Code. http://code.google.com/p/php-growl

Posted on Apr 27, '07 at 05:56 am

Wow. This looks pretty neat! I’ll be giving it a try over the weekend.

Posted on Apr 27, '07 at 04:35 pm

What a really nice idea! First try, works perfect, now i’ll try to get this pepper working with no-ip.org. Nice idea, really. Congratulations.

Posted on Apr 27, '07 at 05:02 pm

Oh, shit, i forgot: Maybe the pepper could support other peppers, like the blog-comments pepper, so i get a growl notification when someone posts a comment?

Joost de Valk
Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on May 06, '07 at 04:40 pm

I can’t get it to work, and the first thing I need for it to get it working is a button which sends a “test” message….

Hmmm, nice concept. Is there anyway this could be modded to support Snarl (as an option via preferences) for Windows PC? fullphat.net

I had a couple of issues getting it setup.

When you hit submit on the pepper preference pane is when it does the authentication. If growl wasn’t setup with the same info (ie the password) on your mac before that, it won’t work. So make sure your mac is setup, then setup the pepper to mirror that, otherwise you’ll have to go resubmit the form. You’ll probably also need to open a port on your router and forward it to your computer.

Other than that snafu (where I just had to look at the router/growl logs) it works great, I love it.

i’ve tried numerous times to configure this pepper and i’ve had no luck. i’m using lighthouse to control my port forwarding but i’m still not getting notifications. does anyone have any suggestions? thanks. it would be great if there was a test button.

I can’t get it to work either. Can the developer give us a short tutorial on how to do port forwarding on Airport Extreme routers, I’m not sure if I have done it correctly. I’m not receiving any notifications after trying for 1+ hrs.

Hey guys…

I’ve tried installing this on my mint and I get this when i try to install growl pepper….

This server does not have utf8_encode installed.

How do I install it? I have searched over all the php forums..I can’t figured it out…i have installed php on my server and it should have installed everything for php…

anyone have any ideas?

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