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Download Counter Pepper 1.3 Problems

Posted on Sep 30, '07 at 05:00 pm

This is now the second pepper I’ve tried to track downloads on my site and this one is causing problems now too. I’ve had a bunch of emails from people saying all the same thing. That they are getting errors when trying to download the content from the site.

I have Mint installed on illustrationclass.com using wordpress.

Here is the error people are getting. I had to uninstall it because this simply doesn’t work that well. I wish someone would make a reliable pepper for tracking downloads everything so far has been hinky at best.

Hopefully the below might lead to a working pepper that doesn’t cause errors?

Error messages:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/.curtains/vonster/illustrationclass.com/mint/pepper/orderedlist/downloads/class.php:104) in /home/.curtains/vonster/illustrationclass.com/mint/pepper/orderedlist/downloads/download.php on line 32

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/.curtains/vonster/illustrationclass.com/mint/pepper/orderedlist/downloads/class.php:104) in /home/.curtains/vonster/illustrationclass.com/mint/pepper/orderedlist/downloads/download.php on line 33

Posted on Oct 24, '07 at 03:17 pm

I confirm the same error. I’ve been using Download Counter for a long time with no problems, until just recently. The new trouble may have coincided with a Mint update or relocation of the site to a new server host, but I have no clear date on when the trouble started. So, nothing more to go on.

Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Oct 25, '07 at 10:06 am

I just submitted an update to the Peppermill which should hopefully be approved soon that will fix this issue.

Posted on Oct 30, '08 at 02:50 am

Sorry to re-open this ancient thread, but i couldn’t see any way of getting in touch with orederedlist.

Can you please explain how the logic of this pepper works? What I mean to say is, how is javascript being used to overcome counting bot downloads and what happens if a person doesn’t have javascript enabled?


Posted on Oct 30, '08 at 03:03 am

Its okay… i managed to find the post on your website which explains that it only tracks downloads linked to from within the site.

Thanks anyhow.

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