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login problems: Email/password combo is incorrect.

I get this message: Email/password combo is incorrect.

I had the pass button e-mail me my password. It did. I had the correct password at the start. It didn’t work.

I just installed mint tonight. So after login problem, I hit the back button several times on my browser to get to the page to initially enter the account e-mail address and create a password. I could verify at that page that I had the correct e-mail address.

So as far as I can tell, I have all the correct information. But I cannot login in.

I also tried emptying the cache and deleting the cookies. No luck.

I cannot find anyway to reset the login information. I try a fresh instillation of mint into the site. That didn’t help either.

What else can I do?

Thanks, Tom

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Oct 09, '07 at 10:29 am

Try this FAQ.

I don’t understand this instruction. What file am I looking for?

Also, I’m virtually certain that I have the correct e-mail address. But I’d like to look at the entry before ruling out ‘typo’ as my problem.

Thanks, Tom

I found the configuration.php file. Is that the right one? According to my editor, this is these entries in this file:

“id=”email” name=”email” value=”” “id=”password” name=”password” value=”“

No values given for either the e-mail string or the password string. I don’t know if that meanings anything or if I’m looking in the correct place.

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Oct 09, '07 at 11:54 am

You are not looking for a file. You are looking for an entry in the database using the web-based PhpMyAdmin (or a command line alternative if you’re comfortable with that).

I’m enjoying my learning experience. Also, I happy to find that my problem does not yet seem of the really stupid kind.

I did everything. I can even e-mail you a copy of a csv file of mint__config. I have both the correct e-mail address and password. Mint won’t let me in. What should I do next?

Thanks, Tom

I renamed the cfg column to cfg_old. Tried to login to http://example.com/mint again. I got an installation prompt (which I thought was getting somewhere). I entered my info and activation key. But the installation prompt kept cycling. I never got anywhere.

I renamed cfg_old back to cfg and I am back where I started. I won’t accept the e-mail string and the password string that is listed in the mint__config document.

Is it possibly something as simple as a character such as ’ that is in the password and shouldn’t be?

Thanks, Tom

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Oct 09, '07 at 03:39 pm

Arbitrarily renaming database columns is not really a good idea. Try deleting all Mint-prefixed cookies from your domain (keeping an eye out for cookies set by .yourdomain.com, yourdomain.com, www.yourdomain.com or any other subdomain you might have used during installation).

I’m sorry your initial introduction to Mint isn’t going all that smoothly. This is not representative of the normal experience.

I deleted cookies before my initial post last night. Tried that with emptying the cache and a fresh reboot, to boot.

Thanks, Tom

Since I won’t lose anything important, can I rip Mint out and start over? How do I rip it out and start over without the ability to login?

Thanks, Tom

I’m writing this from a new computer. This challenge is like an itch. I’m jonesing for the pretty pictures that you show on the haveamint.com homepage. I now have tried to login to http:/example.com/mint/ using my iphone, 2 macs, 1 pc, safari and firefox. Please don’t make me use IE.

In any case, I cannot get in.

Either something happened in the installation, or there is a problem with the input to e-mail address or password. The e-mail address is in the form name.x.name@gmail.com and the password is in the form of xxxx’xxxx. I wonder if the apostrophe in the middle of the password could be a problem.

If both strings are valid, then the problem is under the hood somewhere.

I can read from a printout the e-mail address and password from the cfg column of the mint__config database. In fact, I’m willing to e-mail that if it will help.

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Oct 10, '07 at 09:48 am

The apostrophe in the password is definitely the problem (it has to do with the way the PHP serialize() function uses apostrophes and the conflicting introduction and removal of escaping slashes when inserting and accessing from the database). Try removing the apostrophe (using PhpMyAdmin again) and then attempt a login. If that doesn’t work, drop all mint_ prefixed tables from your database and reinstall, this time using a password without an apostrophe.

How do I remove the apostrophe using PhpMyAdmin?

Thanks, Tom

Thanks for all the help.

Solved it by export, edit, import. I assume there was a way to write directly to the database but nothing seemed obvious so I killed the fly with a bazooka.

Thanks, Tom

Hi, I have used Mint for years without issue. Now I see I cannot access my Mint using the email and pw I have been using. Then when I ask for the pw to be sent to me I get a message that my email address is incorrect. I read the above but I cannot see where this mint__config is stored. I am using WP and not very proficient but I can access the site files and edit them but do not know where this Db is. The ones I have found are wp-config.php and db.php but neither of these have any email address of mine there..?

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