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Upgrade question

Posted on Nov 30, '07 at 12:17 pm

Since first installing Mint in February I have been installing the upgrades on a fairly regular basis, both for Mint and the Peppers. I just upgraded 2.12 to 2.14.

Part of the upgrade for Mint always includes upgrades for the styles directory. I don’t use either of the included styles but I wonder why they need upgrading. I know they are included for a new user to install, but the upgrade instructions say to upload the styles as well. Since I use a different style, I’m wondering what’s different in the included styles each time and whether any changes need to be made to the style I’m using (7th Degree)?

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Nov 30, '07 at 12:36 pm

Update instructions include all files that are likely to be modified in an update. Every file in each release may not contain changes. The instructions remain consistent for the sake of simplicity and completeness. Maintaining a matrix of the files that changed from each new version to every previous version would be an update nightmare. Every time you had to update you would end up doing something different. If you really only want to upload modified files do a diff on the files in the update and your existing installation.

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