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totally dumb question MINT vs Google Analytics.. which are more accurate

Posted on Jan 03, '08 at 07:35 pm

ok. gotta love MINT. it tells me everything I want to know and more. there isn’t anything I don’t love. However when I see the comparison for the last 2 months vs google analytics and find that in some key sectors, the numbers are vastly different from uniques to page views….30-50% higher with Mint.. I have to wonder and ask.. how to distinguish the results and why . because someone is going to ask. I can’t imagine that google is that wrong - but I sure would LIKE THEM to be THAT wrong Stevie la-story.com

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Jan 04, '08 at 09:57 am

A quick search for “differences analytics” shows this topic has been addressed numerous times.

Also a lot of people block cookies set by third-party domains which might affect Analytics numbers.

Posted on Jan 05, '08 at 12:28 pm

I have written about this same problem with my site in the past.

I have had as much as a 25% difference between Google and MINT (Mint being higher) on a site that averages 10,000 uniques per day. With Shaun’s help, I installed the Google “urchin” code into my Mint auto.php file (search the forum for instructions) and got the two stats within 1-5% of each other.

A few months ago the difference reared its ugly head again with the reverse discrepancy — Google stats were higher than MINT. Errors showed up in my Mint logs, with visits failing to record, but we could not diagnose why. After two MInt upgrades, the discrepancy and errors are down to a reasonable level, about 5% difference. I don’t know why the occasional errors still show up — probably a setting on my server somewhere.

Just for grins, you may want to install the debugger pane and check for errors in Mint.

Posted on Mar 06, '08 at 08:03 pm

thankyou so much. I would not have known to search for differences analytics.

Sometimes it’s just knowing what words to search for— because I am not as tech savvy — I have been comparing the google which are grossly undercounting and the Mint which is more than 25% higher. I will ask my tech guy about the debugger pane thanks Stevie

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