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Can't get Behavior Pepper to work

I wasn’t sure if this should go here or troubleshooting, sorry if it’s in the wrong spot.

I am having trouble getting the Behavior Pepper to do anything. I have the Mint class being called before calling the code from the ReadMe file, which is this:

Mint.TT.behavior.record(“Easter egg was called”, “/links”);

It just doesn’t do anything. There are no errors in the safari javascript console, but in firefox it says “not enough arguments” in reference to the last r.send();in record().

What am I doing wrong? Does this Pepper work for anyone else? I tried just calling the javascript from the readme in a plain text file and still nothing showed up in the Behaviors pane.


Please disregard this post. The problem was with a third party, and is now resolved.

Posted on Jun 06, '09 at 02:37 am

Hi Jacob

Are you able to say what the third-party problem was? I’m getting the same error and I can’t track it down.

Any help appreciated.

yea i have been trying to get it to work as well.. any advice appreciated :D



ima elaborate just a touch.. i went the other route of tracking which was the php method outlined in the text document.

i was able to get things going.. but get this error inside of the BehaviorTracker.js file..

Fatal error: Call to a member function loadPepper() on a non-object in /nfs/c04/h05/mnt/xxxxx/domains/gameachievements.org/html/mint/pepper/tonytrupp/behavior/BehaviorTracker.php on line 20

line 20 is.. $Mint->loadPepper();

which leads to maybe think that duing a mint update Behavior didnt update? maybe?

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