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Panels Not Showing Up

Posted on Feb 01, '07 at 10:14 am

I’m having problems with some of the Peppers I installed whose panels are not showing up. I’ve already referred to Feedback in the other forum.

Here’s a list of panels that I’ve installed and can configure in Prefs, but which aren’t showing up, nor do these show up in Pane Order:

  • Bird Feeder
  • Prank
  • Parsel

I’m not sure what’s going on …

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 01, '07 at 10:50 am

Bird Feeder should show up as two panes “Feeds” and “Seeds”. I believe Parsel’s pane name is “Languages”. I’m not sure about Prank.

Posted on Feb 01, '07 at 11:19 am

i’m also having the same problem (i wrote a post a few days ago entitled “pepper incompatibility”).

here is a list of all the peppers i have installed:

  • default
  • backup/restore
  • local searches
  • user agent 007
  • outclicks
  • dloads
  • trends
  • xxx strong mint
  • sparks!
  • secret crush
  • bird feeder
  • real estate

the panels that are not showing up are:

  • secret crush
  • bird feeder (neither seeds nor feeds)

for a while, i had widow width installed too and that interfered with real estate. i have a feeling that some peppers are incompatible with others. thoughts?

I have almost exactly the same peppers installed (I can give a complete list if you need). The two that are NOT showing up (on the main page or in preferences) are:

  • secret crush

  • bird feeder (feeds only - seeds work fine)

When I reinstall them, they work, but only for awhile.

I also had window width installed which interfered with real estate, but I uninstalled both and reinstalled real-estate. I then re-uploaded the mint dir and the installed peppers.

Also, when I reinstall, I get two “seeds” panels. This isn’t as big a problem because I can just hide one, but it is still an error.

Ok, sorry to have not clarified it the first time. I get two seed panels, but when I hide one two still show. They must have the same reference ID. Any ideas?

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 01, '07 at 04:21 pm

What’s your traffic like guys? Are you getting pounded?

I wonder if before you try to install something a hit starts recording, Mint pulls the config data so it knows which Pepper to load. One of those Pepper could be taking a while to do its thing and holding up the record process. In the meantime you install a Pepper and set its pane order.

Then the hit that Mint started recording before the new Pepper was installed wraps up what it was doing and then writes back to the database. Overwriting your updated configuration that contains the new Pepper info and pane order.

This is purely speculation at this point and it should never take more than a fraction of a second to record a hit. But perhaps one of your other Pepper is causing this unlikely delay. I’ll check out your installs and get back to you.

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 01, '07 at 04:27 pm

Okay, Ryan, you don’t have all the updated files on your server (I don’t know how old your /mint/app/paths/record/js.php must be).

gleek and Lolajl, you are experiencing the whitespace after the closing ?> PHP tag problem in the Dloads and Prank Peppers respectively.

Posted on Feb 01, '07 at 06:51 pm

hi shaun,

i just checked the dloads pepper PHP files and there is no whitespace at the end of either the class.php file nor the dloads.php file.

also, i wouldn’t say that i get a lot of traffic but my numbers for january were:

total 12,144 & unique 5,596

the day that i installed was pretty low:

total 482 & unique 266

i also want to mention that uninstalling and reinstalling has not seemed to help and in fact has produced some interesting issues. just now, i went in and uninstalled secret crush then reinstalled it. it showed up! so i decided to do the same thing with bird feeder. i uninstalled and reinstalled bird feeder, secret crush disappeared and now i have two seeds panels and one feeds panel.

i disabled one of the seeds panels and went back to my mint homepage, seeds was gone. back to preferences, the extra seeds panel was gone so i re-enabled the seeds panel and now that’s ok. still no secret crush. strange.

My average is around 500 hits/300 unique per day, so no that much really. I searched through all the peppers I had installed and deleted any whitespace after the ?>.

I checked the /mint/app/paths/record/js.php and it was up to date. I’m not sure how I could not have updated files as I have renamed-updated-renamed twice. After awhile the first installation had problems recording any hits, so I updated all the files again.

So, after reading your suggestion, I updated the entire folder yet again. (copying the peppers and the config/db.php file. Still no crushes pane. One thing is somewhere I must have had the old ua007 installed. (I had v2 at one time, but somehow got back to v1), so I upgraded that as well. I have another problem with birdfeeder not letting me delete (or view) certain feeds, but I will post that in another thread.

i can’t seem to have bird feeder and geomint show up at the same time…

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 06, '07 at 07:24 pm

I don’t have anything to report just yet but I am still looking into this problem.

Posted on Feb 08, '07 at 04:47 pm

thanks shaun. just wanted to report that after upgrading mint to 2.02 and making sure that all of my peppers were upgraded (and i also uninstalled XXX strong mint) that i’m still having this issue. currently, the real estate panel and the feeds panel are not displaying.

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 10, '07 at 02:25 pm

Okay, I haven’t been able to find the cause of this problem but I’ve put together a script to rebuild Mint’s internal pane lookup, fixing the problem of disappearing panes. You will need to reorder your panes to your liking afterwards but they will all be there.

I would recommend making a full backup of your Mint database using the Backup/Restore Pepper in the Preferences (just in case). Unzip and upload the script to the root of your Mint directory and visit:


Then proceed to reorder your panes. Should something go wrong (there is very little chance of that happening) you can restore from your recent backup, again using the Backup/Restore Pepper.

Thanks for you patience with this everyone.

Purchased and installed Mint yesterday (July 12, 2007) for the first time (ie: Didn’t have any previous versions installed prior). Created a new database for Mint on my Mediatemple host. Followed instructions provided and everything worked fine.

Downloaded and installed the following Peppers:

Sorry about the previous post - I took too long to edit and it got cemented in there.

Purchased and installed Mint yesterday (July 12, 2007) for the first time (ie: Didn’t have any previous versions installed prior). Created a new database for Mint on my Mediatemple host. Followed instructions provided (configured for Movable Type, inserted js code, etc.) and Mint started showing my visitor stats as designed, no prob. Very low traffic site, BTW.

Today I installed the following Peppers:

Local Searches User Agent 007 Secret Crush Window Width

Worked great for a few hours - got some visitors and the Pepper reported everything they were supposed to. Then Pepper panes (listed above) disappeared from my Mint index page. They were still listed as ‘Installed’ on the preferences page, but were not listed under the ‘Pane Order’ window. I uninstalled/reinstalled each one and they reappeared for a short time, but now are gone again.

Nice application. Best Regards, eric

Just Ran the script and they’re all back.

Thank you.

Best Regards,


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