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Error after restoring db when moving hosts

I moved hosts from one company to another. I exported the Mint DB and created a new DB at the new host (DB names aren’t the same). I then imported the database from the backup (an SQL file) and make the correct entries in the db.php:

‘server’ => ‘tonygeer.com’, ‘username’ => ‘un’, ‘password’ => ‘pw, ‘database’ => ‘tonygeermint’, ‘tblPrefix’ => ‘mint_’

When I go to tonygeer.com/mint I’m getting an error that says “MySQL Error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query. (2013)”.

This is version 1.29.

If I run a query on the DB in phpMyAdmin I’m getting results, so the info is there and the DB is up. Did I do anything wrong?

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 20, '08 at 10:06 am

I’ve never encountered this MySQL error before. You might need to contact your new host to confirm your connection details (although those don’t seem to be an issue since there is a connection to lose) and inquire about the frequency of this error on their servers.

A quick googling suggest that it may be an issue with their PHP MySQL client version being incompatible with their MySQL version.

I fixed it. For future reference - since I’m with Dreamhost the server field had to be the hostname that I assigned to the database, NOT my domain.

MySQL Error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query. (2013)

Iím getting the same error and Iím on a MT Grid Server and have installed Mint before on it.

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