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Preferences partially munged

Posted on Feb 27, '08 at 02:25 pm

This morning I noticed that the AdsenseAgg pepper was showing an error message in the main Mint page. I went into Mint Preferences but only the left column and part of the center column of the prefs page showed up. Clicking on Done posted an error dialog:

“The Prefs form must be completely loaded before saving”

I backed out and decided to check my main Adsense account. Google had put up a page informing me that I must agree to new terms. I did that and my Adsense page loaded. I returned to Mint, and the Mint main page with all the peppers, including the AdsenseAgg pepper, loaded normally. I went back to Mint prefs but the prefs page is still not loading completely.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 27, '08 at 05:09 pm

This is usually the result of duplicate Pepper in your /pepper/ directory. If you recently updated a Pepper make sure that you deleted /pepper_old/ from your server.

Posted on Feb 28, '08 at 09:34 am

I did not have any duplicate peppers but your suggestion made me wonder what I had recently changed in mint. I had added the AdsenseAgg pepper, which had the original problem, but that didn’t appear to be the cause since it was working properly when I originally installed it and again after I updated my Google page (which it references).

But the new Big Total pepper, which other people have pointed out has caused problems, was the culprit. I had added it to my pepper directory but I never installed it. After deleting it from the pepper directory, my prefs window came back normally.

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