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Posted on Mar 17, '08 at 10:04 am

While participating in another discussion about colorizing the Visits Diff pepper, I took a close look at my installation this morning and noticed that it didn’t make any sense (at least to me).

Here are some numbers extracted from my Visits Pane this morning:

Past Month Unique

This Week 16,804

Last Week 88,198

2 weeks ago 91,588

3 weeks ago 89,922

4 weeks ago 88,134

Not much of a change from week to week. This week is low because it’s only 36 hours into the week.

But the Visits Diff graph seems to tell a completely different story. It is set to show Past Month and Unique Visitors. It shows 5 horizontal lines, the center line being 0 and the increments for the other lines being 5k and 10k (at plus above the zero line and at minus below the zero line).

For the 4 weeks ago column, it shows a positive bar at +4k, for 3 weeks ago a positive bar at +2k, for 2 weeks ago a negative bar at -10k and for last week a negative bar at -11k. This week shows a negligible -.5k bar. Either my basic math skills are lacking or I don’t understand how the graph works. Shouldn’t the differences be only 2k to 4k from week to week, based on the main Visits Pane numbers?

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Mar 17, '08 at 11:39 am

Visits Diff doesn’t compare one time range to the immediate next.

Eg. in the Past Day tab, 10am is not being compared against 9am the hour before, it is being compared against the 10am 24 hours before.

That seems obvious enough right? Same for Past Week and Past Year.

Past Month works the same way but with a difference of 5 weeks (a round estimation of a month). This week is compared not against last week but to 5 weeks ago. Last week against 6 weeks ago and so on.

Posted on Mar 17, '08 at 07:49 pm

I thought I understood Visits Diff when I first installed it because the numbers coincidentally compared the same either way. This past month seemed way off (using the week to week comparison) but now make complete sense using your explanation.

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