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Long Titles, Use RegEx to shorten??

Sorry for the cryptic title.

My site has a longish base URL of the format:

My Long Site Name > Title

In my stats for Pages, for example, it looks like this:

My Long Site Name > A… My Long Site Name > The… My Long Site Name > An..

Is there a way to strip out the front part so I can see more of the title?

Also, it seems to be conservative about the cut off i.e. There is a lot more space (at least on my screen) for more words in the title.

Finally… Maybe If I reversed the order in my title it’ll show it without altering any code in Mint and/or Peppers.

Is there any best-practices when it comes to long titles in regards to ordering of parts. Do you do a reverse breadcrumb style, for example?

Thanks, Shige

Sam Brown
Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Apr 29, '08 at 08:26 am

This can be done via JavaScript on your site, see this article: Overriding Page Titles in Mint.

Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Apr 29, '08 at 09:05 am

You could use JavaScripts replace() function and document.title to get what you want.

Thanks!! I’ll give it a shot. I was going to have a cron job to shorten the titles in the database, but doing it via javascript is a lot better.

More of a response to the best practice question posed than the Mint solution:

I have always been under the impression that title’s should always be a reverse breadcrumb.

That way when a person minimizes a window or switches to another tab they know what the content of the page is, not just the site it’s from. Seems like that would be better for usability maybe not as good for branding.

Also, when a search engine pulls up your page as a result it will display the name of the page/article/entry before the name of the site, possibly leading more hits that way. Cause think about it are you more likely to click on a search result that says: “The Perfect Solution - forums - www.exa...” or “www.example.com - forums - The Perfect ...

Take a look at how popular sites do it.

Thanks. Just before reading your post, I recoded my site to show a reverse breadcrumb. I’m glad it matches your thoughts too. I looked around and found some sites doing that too, but not a lot.

It seems to make a whole lot of sense.

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