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Mint for my magazine's websites | 2 questions

Stephen STL
Posted on Nov 07, '08 at 11:08 am

Greetings, all. Apologies for my newbieness, but I’m hungry for some feedback.

I’m a magazine editor who’s started taking on the company’s web work, and I’m trying to move us away from a crappy set-up (especially our CMS) and toward a cool set-up (using friendly/beautiful products like Mint). I’ve got 6 blogs set up at Typepad (stlmagblogs.typepad.com/) that will eventually be brought under the next iteration of our main site (stlmag.com), whenever we move it (possibly to Movable Type). For the next few months, though, they’ll continue to be separate. Two questions:

  • Right now, would I need to buy Mint for each of my 5 blogs, which are distinct but housed under a single Typepad account?

  • Regarding visitors clicking on ads: If all I wanted to do, for instance, was be able to tell the company’s sales director how many people clicked through to the ad on the left column of this page (stlmagblogs.typepad.com/podcasts/), could I achieve that with Mint?

Thanks to anyone with time to reply. I’ve admired this product from afar and would enjoy finding a way to make it part of our company’s web arsenal.


Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Nov 07, '08 at 06:46 pm

Mint is not compatible with hosted services like Typepad. Mint is licensed per site so a license would be required for each independent blog (once you move to your own server).

Because of the way Mint is designed I would not recommend using Mint for ad tracking. This [FAQ about how Mint works][0] explains why. haveamint.com/faqs/miscellaneous/ups_and_downs

Stephen STL
Posted on Nov 08, '08 at 08:38 am

Thanks for the reply, Shaun.


Is there any change on Mint not being compatible with hosted services? Or any sort of work around for it? I’m using Cargo Collective which I love, but also love Mint too and sadly can’t use it.



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