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Method to exclude myself and my browsers?

I thought during Mint’s setup that there was a step for excluding myself/my browser from being tracked by Mint. I imagine this is done through a cookie. Is there a way to flip this switch and turn off tracking for my other browsers?

Mr Papa
Posted on Feb 03, '07 at 07:21 pm

I’m a noob here, so I could be wrong, but on your preferences page, there is a check box below the login on the section where you can ignore your visits…

Mr Papa

Bah, I knew it was something that simple. Just couldn’t remember or find it. Thanks!

On a similar note, one of my clients is absolutely Mint-happy, loves to check his stats. Does mint set the “ignore” cookie again every time you log in, regardless of where from?

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Apr 04, '07 at 02:35 pm

No, you need to visit the Preferences and reset it. Or just add ?ignore to your Mint url (if they don’t have a login).

One step further… I use to know how to do this, but how do you open the list to add an IP so that Mint ignores all traffic from a corporate IP with multiple users. I remember there being a way.

That’s in the advanced settings. You can access them at the following URL: /mint/?preferences&advanced

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