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Mint vs. Google discrepancies

Posted on May 14, '09 at 03:06 pm

Ok, I realize two different analytics won’t report the same thing. That said, what’s a reasonable variance? Taking a look at the month of April Google reports

9365 Visits 6993 Uniques

MINT Reports 19,457 Visits Overall 6142 Unique


i’ve looked into this before for a few clients. i observed a greater discrepancy in the past but the reality is that mint and google are well within 3% of each other.

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on May 18, '09 at 09:41 am

I suggest making sure that Mint and Google are tracking the same resources and that you only have one Mint JavaScript include on a page (it’s silly but this happens more than it really should so it’s worth mentioning).

I have this same issue. I also think it’s more than 3% difference too.

Also what I’m wondering, is that when I add up the numbers for the day, they don’t equal what Mint says, they are more. So is there a factor I’m not considering here?

Meant to add this to the last post, but was too late.

Google vs. Mint — This month:

  • Google Analytics: 56, 704 Unique visits / 292,015 Pageviews
  • Mint: 35,266 Unique visits / 429,280 Pageviews

Mint discrepancies:

- Mint says 935 but, by calculations, it should be 1559 (by adding the numbers from each hour)

we use mint for four of our client sites. i can tell you that i’ve never seen a discrepancy as large as that.

which google tab are you referring to? are you referring to the “visits” or “absolute unique visitors” tab? also, how are you arriving at the number of 935? your comment reads like you’re adding each hour together. there’s an faq listed here that explains why that won’t work: haveamint.com/faqs/miscellaneous/defini … tal_unique

here is the total unique visits for one of our accounts yesterday:

  • google: 2957 absolute unique visitors
  • mint: 3043 unique visitors

i’m pretty sure that the math is pretty close to a 3% variance between the two. that is a typical variance for all of our accounts within a given day.

Third-Party Pepper Developer
Posted on Jul 30, '09 at 01:25 am

Some Ad-Block lists have the google analytics tracking code on it.

Okay, the “daily total vs hourly” make sense then.

But as far as Google vs. Mint:

July 2009 –

  • Google Analytics: 62,360 Visits / 25,307 Absolute Unique Visitors / 319,352 Pageviews

  • Mint: 38,863 Unique visits / 466,097 Pageviews

That still seems off to me and by more than 3% too.

I am running Google Adsense, not sure how much that will affect things. But the numbers are off too much to have it make that much of a difference.

Posted on Aug 03, '09 at 11:00 am

I have posted several times in the past two years about this issue. Shaun helped me resolve it by showing me how to add the Google code into the Mint code.

Inside the config directory of your Mint installation is an auto.php file.

Inside that is a statement something like “$mint =”. That’s where I added both Google Analytics code and some other counters’ code.

Since that time my stats from all stat trackers are more in line with Mint’s stats, usually less than 3% diff and sometimes within 1%.

Here’s our stats for July 2009, using each service and their equivalent terminologies:

Google Analytics - 496,340 Pageviews, 337,136 Visits

StatCounter - 481,583 Page loads, 348,807 Unique visitors

Mint - 497,440 Total, 316,209 Unique

I assume some of the difference could also be attributed to the time zone “cut off” point for when a counter stops counting for a specific period.

For full details on how to set this up, search for my earlier posts by my forum name, or search for “Google Analytics” and look for returned threads with my forum name in them.

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