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Increasing stats upon using 2.0

Hi Shaun, Just wanted to mention that I’m not using Secret Crush but I’m still getting this problem. Will the fix help cookie handling on my end or is this a separate problem.

I’m happy to give you access to my install and database if that will help.


Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 20, '07 at 02:11 pm

Yes, it should. Mint 2.03 no longer counts uncookieable visitors as uniques. However, you appear to be running Mint 2.02 still.

I’m still encountering this problem (multiple uniques per IP address per session) running the latest version of mint (2.03) and secret crush (2.06).

I’m also still getting this issue after updating to 2.03 and Secret crush 2.06.

I don’t know if this is in the realms of the pepper or not but I’ve noticed that if someone opens a popup window on my site and then closes it and carries on looking round my site I get a session timeout and another data set for their continued surfing.

My site is going to heavily rely on popup windows so it’d be nice if the data was kept in one session rather than starting a new one.

Well I haven’t noticed any pattern on my work’s site. Just this morning I see one visitor using IE 6.0 who has Timed out 6 times in 3 minutes just browsing normal pages.

Yeah, I’m still experiencing this problem as well.

Any chance on an update soon? Right now my unique stats are basically useless.

Posted on Feb 25, '07 at 02:17 pm

(still) the same here. (Mint 2.03 / Secret Crush 2.06)

Posted on Feb 26, '07 at 10:22 am

So 2.03 doesn’t even fix it yet? I’m not going through the hassle of updating until one comes along that appeases everyone in this thread… Unless 2.03 fixes things I need fixed? Not sure what they are…

My unique stats today is just utterly ridiculous. 6 from one IP, 14 from another, all timing out. I don’t think so!

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 26, '07 at 11:23 am

David, a new window shouldn’t start a new session. Windows and tabs (assuming the contents are all from the same domain) share the same cookies and therefore share the same session.

I’m closing this thread. The general attitude and pile up of me-too and same-here posts isn’t helping anybody. Also, the perpetuation of mis-information (Visits pane Uniques are calculated using different criteria than the grouping of visitors in the Crushes pane) is only leading to further confusion and misunderstanding.

Please email me with details of your problem. Please make sure at least your Mint installation and if applicable, your Secret Crush Pepper are uptodate (I will not diagnose the problem if your install is not uptodate because an update may resolve the problem for you). Please change your Mint installation email/password to something you are comfortable sharing and include that in your email. Do not reference this thread. Do not say “I am having the same problem as so-and-so.” Please describe the symptoms, not the problem (you don’t go to the doctor and say I have the flu, you describe the symptoms, the doctor tells you what you have and prescribes treatment). And please spare me the righteous indignation, you can be upset about this but directing your anger at the person trying to help you solve the problem is counter-productive.

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