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MySQL memory problem

Posted on Jul 28, '09 at 07:07 pm

On July 21, I updated Mint to 2.17 and also added two new peppers from Till Kruess, Durations and Errors. Within hours mysql on my dedicated server crashed with an out of memory error and mysql restarted itself. For several days afterward mysql repeated the out of memory error and restarting behavior about once a day. As I went to remove the two new peppers I noted that there was also a Default Pepper upgrade and added that. The out of memory errors immediately ceased.

Has anyone else had this problem? I’m trying to figure out whether it was upgrading the Default Pepper or the removal of Till’s peppers that alleviated the problem.

The other new behavior I noticed was that the Crushes pane no longer shows any data. I have eight panes total and the other seven work normally though I rarely check more than three of them regularly, so the Crushes behavior may have been happening beforehand.

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Jul 29, '09 at 09:11 am

The Default Pepper upgrade just added Bing to the list of recognized search engines and was a config change that wouldn’t affect performance in anyway. The culprit is likely the third-party Pepper. Uninstalling them might have also been the cause of Secret Crush no longer working as both Pepper work with that Pepper to provide additional information. If they failed to notify Secret Crush that they were being uninstalled it might still be asking them for data.

Try this: In your Mint Preferences disable “stagger pane loading” and click “Done”. Then add ?errors to your Mint url and report back any PHP errors you might see (especially those in the Crushes pane).

Posted on Aug 03, '09 at 10:39 am

I disabled the stagger panes pref and before adding the error modifier, got an immediate error message at the top of MINT’s main page after clicking done:

MySQL Error (from Secret Crush): Unknown column ‘session_checksum’ in ‘field list’. (1054) Query: SELECT ip_long, visitor_name, COUNT(resource_checksum) as pages, session_checksum, dt, browser_family, browser_version FROM mint_visit WHERE session_checksum != 0 AND ip_long != 0 AND ip_long != -1 GROUP BY session_checksum ORDER BY dt DESC LIMIT 0,24

After adding the error modfier the same error message repeated at the top of the page. The Crushes pane heading still appears but, as before, without any data in the pane.

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Aug 03, '09 at 12:40 pm

Try uninstalling the Secret Crush Pepper and then reinstalling it. Somehow you’re missing one of its database columns.

Posted on Aug 03, '09 at 06:22 pm

I uninstalled using the mint interface in preferences (rather than manually deleting it from the directory via ftp) and got this error:

*  MySQL Error: Can't DROP 'ip_long'; check that column/key exists. (1091)
  Query: ALTER TABLE `mint_visit` DROP `ip_long`
* MySQL Error: Unknown table 'mint_hostnames'. (1051)
  Query: DROP TABLE `mint_hostnames`

I then installed it normally and everything now appears back to normal.


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