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Pages pane anomaly

Posted on Feb 04, '10 at 09:01 am

For the past few months (and it may have occurred for a much longer time — I just never paid attention) I have observed an anomaly in the Pages pane. If I select the tab Entry and then any time increment, from Show All to 72h, I get a list of pages with numbers to the left. The numbers for all the pages listed range from a few hundred to almost a thousand. But the top page in the list, which changes for each time increment, is usually in four or five figures.

For example, if I click Show All, I see a page titled “Little Known Facts” with 25,800 next to it. If I click 48hr I see a page titled “Chocolate” with 17,555 next to it, and so on. In each time increment there is a different page at the top with a very high number but the second page listed is only two or three digits. The page at the top is always much much smaller if it is in the list at all in the previous time increment, which makes no sense. So “Little Known Facts” suddenly goes from 385 at 48hr to 25,800 at 72hr and “Chocolate” which was at 17,555 at 48hr disappears off the list at 72hr, yet the second highest at 72 hr is only 680.

I don’t use the Pages pane data but wonder if the errors there point to a problem elsewhere in Mint.

Yes I see exactly the same problem.

The most popular page is logically inconsistent when you progress across 2hr, 4hr, etc.

I see in the “visits” table, almost all of the entries in the “resource” column are the same, while the “resource_title” column varies as it should.

After much experimentation I found that unchecking the option:

Trim www and index.* from urls

in the Default Pepper seemed to start populating the “resource” column correctly again.

I’ll monitor and see if this fixes the Pages display problem.

Okay I’m pretty sure that fixed it. I’m running an OJS journal site and everything is routed through index.php.

But, they are only fixed from the point I unchecked that Trim option.

Shaun, is there any way to regenerate the totals (presumably in the _config table) from the visits table? I still have all the visits since I only installed a week ago.

I ask because I want to show this off to the users and we will be making the decision to use Mint on all of our journals based on this trial.

Posted on Feb 05, '10 at 10:04 am


I just unchecked the trim option in Default Pepper 2.09 and nothing changed. I’ll monitor it awhile and report back. You mentioned a “resource” column. I don’t see that in my Pages pane or in any of the other panes.

I don’t watch the Pages pane much - I’m mostly interested in Visits and SERPs, but it’s installed as part of the default so I was concerned that the numbers anomaly in Pages might indicate a problem somewhere else. But everything else appears to work fine so it may just be a small error in the Pages pane code.

Posted on Feb 05, '10 at 04:36 pm

Hours later and I don’t see any changes to the errors in the Pages pane.

The only change I noticed is that the Pages pane now takes a few more seconds to show up after all the other panes have loaded.

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Feb 08, '10 at 08:55 am

This problem sounds consistent with moving from a 32-bit server to a 64-bit server. Any chance you’ve done this recently?

You can use this script to change the problem columns to the correct sign and update their content’s checksums for the new server architecture (just upload the unzipped script to your Mint directory and visit it in a browser).

Posted on Feb 09, '10 at 09:16 am

Yes, we did indeed move to a new server about six months ago.

I ran the script, quit and restarted Mint and now the Pages pane looks normal again.

Thanks for the fix!

Thanks, yes did a good job for me too.

(Not related to moving to 64 bit, just the index trimming feature, now turned off for this site)

Posted on Jun 22, '10 at 08:25 am

I’m glad I found this! I recently moved to a 64-bit server and was having the issue mentioned above. I almost dropped my database and started over out of frustration.

Posted on Mar 15, '11 at 08:12 am

This should be added to the FAQ. I was ready to delete mint and start from scratch as well.

Posted on Mar 15, '11 at 08:09 pm

Ditto Stormy. I was about ready to chuck Mint until I found this thread, and it took a lot of searching. The script fixed it, thank goodness.

Posted on May 10, '11 at 12:14 pm

Agreeing with the above sentiment. It’s probably something you want to try and highlight. I wonder if you could catch this sort of server change automagically?

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