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Pane rendering issues after 2.0 upgrade

I followed the upgrade steps in the readme, but my Mint instance is having some major issues rendering its various panes:

  • All panes are collapsed by default, and when I pick a tab, it’s displayed, but next time I revisit Mint, everything is collapsed again.

  • As soon as I to hit one of the pane’s tabs (e.g. under Visits), the pane uses up the entire width of the screen. Resizing it will eventually change the pane width, so it doesn’t use the entire width again, adding others as there’s enough room.

  • Clicking individual tabs within a pane doesn’t seem to highlight (in white) anything other than the first, although I seem to be successfully switching tabs, based on the content changing.

  • Despite there being plenty of room in the top toolbar, peppers are listed in a drop down menu.

These problems exist both under Windows and Mac OS in Firefox I have about 10 peppers installers, but temporarily disabling them via the preferences didn’t seem to affect things.

Everything works fine in Safari and even in IE7, although I’ve never used either to hit the site before. The 2 Firefox installs that are having problems both previously accessed the site. I did clear out cookies for the domain that Mint runs on.

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Jan 29, '07 at 01:55 am

Sounds like the Mint 1 JavaScript file is cached. Mint was tested in all the browsers you mentioned. That you’ve never used Mint in the browsers it is working is suggests that it is probably a cache issue.

Bingo, an explicit cache clearing did the trick.

I read about doing that in the readme, but figured restarting the browser would do that automatically for me. But it didn’t.

Thanks for such a wonderful product!

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