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Mint has stopped recording traffic

What would cause Mint to stop recording traffic? I have several modules that just have no stats for several days. This is on an intranet that gets tens of thousands of a hits a day.

The Mint admin is functioning correctly.

In Firebug, I watched the request go out — it seems valid, and the response says “/Minted/”

No code changes were made recently.

Now, Mint has been running (quite well) on this site for three years. I have to imagine the database has tens of millions of rows in it.

Could I somehow have tripped over a datatype boundary or something? Would it help to “prune” some old stats?

Posted on May 27, '10 at 11:21 pm

Blend interatives’ post mirrors my dilemma: i am not seeing any new visits in most mint panes - the last recoded visit were 3 weeks ago- although there are definetly visits to the site- i have been running mint smoothly for years( - thankyou shaun) no changes to my site/db other than to your most recent default pepper updates- which i thought may correct error - but not happening… any answers would be appreciated.

Posted on May 29, '10 at 09:25 pm

hi i did some further reading and saw that some people had stopped recording visits after updating / installing the pepper: locations, which i use(d) so i removed it and am now once again recoding vists.. hope this helps

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Jun 07, '10 at 11:12 am

Another thing to consider. If you recently redesigned your site or updated the HTML templates make sure that the new HTML contains the Mint JavaScript include. I get weekly support requests where someone has launched a new version of their site and forgot to include the Mint JavaScript include in the new HTML.

Uninstalling the locations pepper definitely solved the problem for me. Shouldn’t this be noted on the Locations pepper?

same happend to me. very annoying! how come there is no fix for this problem yet? no alternative available? is mint support reading along?

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