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Mint and NoSQL?


I’ve been using Mint for a long time on a website and I believe it’s just great. About a month ago I had to close that site, and now I am going to move the license over a new web site.

However, as soon as I was going to install Mint, I suddenly remembered Mint requires MySQL to work…

It would be really interesting to see Mint ported to other databases, especially if “NoSQL”. The web site I am publishing right now, for example, has been developed only with MongoDB, which is much, much faster and scales really better (MongoDB 1.6 is going to include auto-sharding too!).

It would be awesome if Mint switched to a system where databases are abstracted, so we would not need MySQL necessarily, but other databases (and, if possible, NoSQL databases) could be used as well.

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Jul 06, '10 at 08:25 am

There are no plans to abstract the database layer.

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