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Issue with client IT departments and their security freaks...

Posted on Jul 31, '10 at 09:47 pm

Hi Folks and Shaun,

I’m hoping I can get enough feedback from you folks to assemble a blazingly sharp response.

We’re a web marketing firm specializing in traffic generation. We use strictly demographically-targeted traffic (banners, press releases, articles, video, etc…) placed on sites our clients say are “perfect” for their market.

We LOVE Mint because it’s one of the few solutions we’ve found that shows the specific traffic sources we buy advertising on. Very effective for showing conversions from sites, and for validating ad spending.

(Though Shaun: man, would we love dated tracking that shows us a trend line, like Google Analytics provides, so we could show them a nice, long graph over time, rather than the short bar graphs… but regardless, Mint is the %$#@ for tracking detail. And putting it on a client’s iPhone so they can see real-time results. A big Thanks).

The challenge for us is getting IT departments to install Mint. They often call it a “serious security risk” because of server credentials being shared with the Mint server.

Any response we could use to these folks? I want a killer FAQ’s or retort so we can accelerate the adoption process.

Thanks much, folks.

Shaun Inman
Mint/Pepper Developer
Posted on Aug 02, '10 at 10:51 am

because of server credentials being shared with the Mint server.

I’m not sure what they mean by this (or if they know what they mean by this). The only information a Mint installation shares with haveamint.com is the installation location, Mint version and activation key. The transmission of this data only occurs during installation and once a week thereafter to check for licensed updates.

All other data (including your database connection info) are stored locally on your servers and never transmitted to a third-party.

Posted on Aug 03, '10 at 05:53 am

That’s the stuff I needed to know, Shaun. Much appreciate it. We shall write this up and provide it as a part of our sales process.

And again: you’ve really created by far the best solution around for affordable, up-to-date analytic with granular tracking.

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