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Mint install / setup for Jekyll (statically) produced site

Posted on Aug 08, '11 at 11:51 pm

I am in the process of moving from WordPress to a Jekyll framework called Octopress (octopress.com) for my site. The deployment process uses rsync to copy the statically generated site from my computer to my host. Specifically “rsync -avz —delete”, which wipes out any no longer needed residue on the target directory.

Currently my Mint directory lives under the directory that houses the WordPress installation. How to I alter the configuration of Mint to allow it to live in a directory that is a peer to the one hosting the site?

Posted on Aug 09, '11 at 08:56 am

Pro-tip: Never post forum questions after your normal bedtime, in the light of a new day the answer will be obvious.

I created a new subdomain on my site (mint.zanshin.net) and copied the mint directory from its current location (zanshin.net/mint) to the new subdomain (mint.zanshin.net/mint) and then used the ?moved query to ensure that everything was working properly.

Posted on Aug 09, '11 at 11:21 pm

Mint in its own subdomain works beautifully. However, Bird Feeder is not going to work as well. Out-of-the-box Jekyll (and the Octopress framework around it I’m using) use rsync to deploy the site from your local machine to you host. The rsync command uses the —delete option to clear out the previous version of the site, meaning the feeder directory would be lost. Until I can fiddle that deploy script some, no more feed and seed.

Posted on Oct 17, '12 at 07:23 am

You can create a filed called rsync-exclude in the root of your Octopress directory and add


to that file. This way it will ignore both directories and you won’t have to mess around with subdomains.

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