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Downloads Pepper by Till

I’m using the Downloads Pepper by Till Kreuss but I’m just unable to initiate it.

I’ve looked at the options for tracking downloads on his website (http://tillkruess.com/projects/pepper/ … umentation).

Method 1 is too painful.

When I set it to track pdfs via Method 2, I get this: avinashdsouza.me/mint/pepper/tillkruess … ndence.pdf along with a 404.

I’ve also tried tracking via Method 3.3. Saved the code in a .htaccess file in the top level downloads folder. Still no go.


I’m running into the same exact problem: somehow the URL getting sent to Mint for tracking has bad characters: http%3A//onefps.net/… instead of http://

Is there a bug in this release?

I wonder if this might help: Till’s website lists Downloads version 2.25, while Haveamint.com only lists 2.23. Dunno if Shaun has just been too busy with all his other projects to approve new downloads or what, but I’m going to try this version now: http://tillkruess.com/projects/pepper/downloads

Nope, didn’t help. The URL Mint sends to the Downloads pepper still gets busted with http%3A//

Posted on Jan 21, '12 at 06:16 pm

I get the same behavior. Still not fixed?

Posted on Aug 15, ‘11 at 07:08 am

And hardly any responses, this forum is dead.

Posted on May 19, '12 at 07:50 am

It seems to be, that only ZIP files are covered.

Posted on May 21, '12 at 04:12 am

You can define what file types are to be tracked in the Downlodas pepper preference pane inside of Mint.

Here’s a more thorough list I usually use for tracking:

zip, rar, tar, gz, gzip, bz2, pdf, mp4, mp3, ppt, doc, xls, m4a, m4v, qt, mov, kmz, epub, pwdoc, pdf, asc

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