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Lots of Google links flooding my referrers

In the past week I seem to have a flood of Google referrer links which are making it hard to see my unique referrers. Have Google updated something recently which is causing this? And is there a way to filter Google from my unique referrers list?

Count me in on this one, too. This has been driving me crazy. It began within the past couple of weeks, though I don’t recall exactly when. Here is a screen shot for reference: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8218950/google-referrers.png

I’ve been using Mint probably since it was released and this was never a problem. I just made sure everything is up to date on my install so it has nothing to do with that.

They’re Google redirect URLs. Something obviously changed with Google but it would be nice for Mint to make a change to handle these. They could be parsed and converted from referrals to searches.

Thoughts, Shaun et al.?

I don’t suppose anyone has any information about this? It’s a heavy concern on my part because it basically renders my unique referral list useless.

Thanks in advance.

Same issue with me. Also, clicking on the search terms in the Searches pane opens my own pages - Google redirects. Pretty useless.

Is Mint now a legacy system? I have just had to delete 12 months worth of stats and begin again because of errors after migrating to a 64 bit server. Question asked on these forums. Zero responses. Not much happening at all.

Hey, all.

Go into preferences and you’ll see a textarea preceded by the label “referrers.” Make sure google.com is added to that box. Save and return to your reports. Magically all of these Google referrers will disappear.

If that doesn’t work you can run a script which will resolve the issue if it originated with your host upgraded from a 32-bit to a 64-bit processor. You can grab that script here: mediafire.com/?p5fyb8pfkvkdl96

If you upload that script to the root of your Mint directory and dial it up in a browser. According to Shaun that’s supposed to fix the issue for you.


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