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Incorrect stats after migration to 64 bit server

I am having the same problem as that outlined on the following threads: haveamint.com/forum/troubleshooting/140 … _web_hosts http://haveamint.com/forum/troubleshoot … rrect_data

I have made the following into unsigned:

mint_visit TABLE:

referer_checksum, domain_checksum, resource_checksum, session_checksum, ip_long

mint_outbound TABLE:

to_checksum, to_full_checksum, from_checksum, session_checksum

The problem is still there. Is there something else I can do without reinstalling from scratch and losing my data?

For info: the website and database was migrated from the previous host to the new one by my new hosting provider.

Do I need to lose 11 months of stats (reinstall) to make this thing work properly on a 64 bit server?

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